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Preparing for a Listing Appointment with Adam Garrett

Updated: Feb 6

Above, photo from a former listing of mine in Kingsmill in Williamsburg. Image courtesy Raider Photography

I wanted to share more details to sellers about acquiring a comparative market analysis (CMA) on your home in a listing appointment.

How Sellers can make the meeting most effective

For this meeting to be most effective, it's important that:

1. All seller(s) & those with substantive influence on your home sale decision are present or able to join live via video. If you/they weren't planning on it, it's best to reschedule to a time when you/they would be.

2. If you have someone that regularly does a wide range of repairs/improvements on your home, it's a good idea for them to be at your home during the home shift recommendations section of the CMA, although not critical. To see more on financing repairs prior to closing if you don't have the liquid capital to do so, see more on that here. I also help those selling as is, although typically don't recommend that if the seller has a viable means to not lose as much money by doing so, with most as-is sales leaving money on the table in terms of net proceeds to the seller. One of the main ways "flippers" make their money is by buying as-is properties, fixing them, and selling them for a profit.

3. My fiduciary duty to my clients compels me to be forthright to sellers about the means by which I believe the seller will gain the highest net profits. In some cases, sellers are emotionally invested in changes that they made to the house (even in the past year) that may, in some cases, hurt the sale if not reversed. It's very important that even in those cases I am honest about my professional opinions. In other cases, sellers may have in mind changes to a home that may positively impact the gross price of the home, but would negatively impact their net profits. It's critical that I am honest about my opinions in this regard as well, even if a seller is convinced in their mind about something. Ultimately, the seller makes the decision, and I can only advise.

4. It's a good idea to see if there are any discrepancies between what the tax records for your city/county state and the actual home.

5. It's a good idea to check the following pages prior to the meeting if you have time:

What Adam will be sharing during the meeting

After this meeting, I plan to share:


How long will the appointment be?

Also, would you mind reviewing the attached tax records <<__________>> former listing and letting me know if any of the data about the home (excluding tax amounts) is inaccurate? ______________IF VACANT____________>>> I try to keep better hydrated than most. Would you mind letting me know in advance if the water is off so that I can allocate time for a bathroom stop if that's the case prior to our appointment if needed? As long as alright with you, I plan to take pictures of the home for personal notes. These pictures from the ground won't be used for marketing purposes in most cases (with certain exclusions, i.e. flowering bushes that don't flower any more when the professional photos are taken), but I try to not rely on memory when pricing a home and inputting information into MLS data input sheets that are later required prior to sale. While I don't always have time & sometimes I encounter restricted airspace, if time allows, I like to also use a drone for aerial photography during CMA's that won't be released to the public until the time your home is listed. If the lighting, weather, or season significantly impair the quality of the aerials vs closer to when the home is listed, those can be retaken, but the exterior environment's variation means it's best to take the opportunity when available. By doing aerials, I'll also be able to get a better idea about possible roof issues, even on relatively new construction. ______________IF 12+ HRS OUT____________>>> In the event that you need to cancel or reschedule for any reason, please try to let me know at least 2 hours prior to our appointment via call or text at my number below. I look forward to seeing you soon.

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