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Phantom Property Availability: For Sale, Under Contract, but Hard to Tell

Updated: Mar 16

Within an active Matrix search that I can set up for buyers in the 5 MLS that I have access to that cover most of SE VA, the vast majority of properties in most SE VA locations will not be under contract. The best way to avoid all of the below extra steps is to set up & keep going a search(es) with me where nothing outside of that search would be a consideration (& let me know about any modifications), then clicking on the search(es) when putting together the most up to date list right before sending it to me for the best information. Also, most of the problems you'll find below will be in Hampton Roads, not in the Richmond area, due to REIN's policy (the dominant MLS of Hampton Roads) that differs from Richmond's.

If ever looking at properties on public websites like Zillow, it's important to check MLS as well before getting too excited about it if it appears available.

Here's a video on the subject:

Locating Contingencies on an active REIN portal search on single property

Locating unavailable properties on an active REIN portal search on property list

Locating Contingencies on on single property

When are properties least accurate in MLS?

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