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How to Create a Good Review

In this article, I want to get into the nitty-gritty of how to create high-impact reviews, organized chronologically & labeled by importance.

Have Pictures During or Soon After Your Experience (Helpful but not Required)

As long as you have a decent camera or camera phone, take pictures during or soon after your experience. If you don't have a decent camera or camera phone, see if someone else can take one that they can send you immediately after taking it. If neither are available, consider where you might get pictures that have already been taken as long as permission is present for you to use the photos.

Real estate example: If you bought or sold a property, these pictures could be of the property, with or without you.

If Adam's your agent, sometimes a drone shot is possible:

If you just sold your house and don't have any photos, consider using photos from your listing (& it's a best practice to cite the source, especially if a professional photographer, as I do below in this case):

Image Courtesy Raider Photography

These pictures could be a picture at the closing table if you're a buyer, holding the keys for the first time or otherwise.

These pictures could be pictures of you interacting with your agent.

These pictures could be pictures of your agent helping in some way.

Take the Time to Write a Review Soon After Your Experience (Most Important)

Use Grammar/Editing Software in Composition (Helpful but not Required)

Cross Platform Share Your Review on Pages Specific to the Individual (Very Helpful)