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Disclosures Typically Signed at Time of Buyer Brokerage Agreement at GRP

Updated: Apr 24

There are forms that are often signed at time of buyer brokerage agreement in addition to the buyer brokerage agreement itself. These aren't required forms at Garrett Realty Partners, but strongly encouraged. These forms go through a wide variety of issues that are very helpful for buyers to know about. They are primarily an FYI on potential issues.

Here is a video where I walk buyers through the forms for disclosure:

Some segments are more than an FYI, highlighted here.

The exceptions to the additional disclosure forms being an FYI are:

1. the buyer brokerage agreement (where we are formally agreeing to work together on your purchase including the various duties of buyer and seller)

2. the Covid-19 form (where you are agreeing not to sue someone if you get Covid-19 at some point in the process of the transaction; I typically wear a mask during showings out of respect for my wife's wishes. While I am well protected against anything serious Covid-wise (in part due to an excellent immune system, being fully vaccinated, having had Covid-19 in January, & age), my wife is immuno-deficient & her father, who we see frequently, is 80 with lung damage from a few bouts with pneumonia years ago)

3. In at last 1 place (such as in the Consumer Disclosure Information Form) there may be an inclusion like "the seller, Real Estate Information Network Inc ("REIN"), the listing firm, the selling firm, or any of their employees or agents shall not be liable for buyer's failure to investigate any of these disclosures prior to entering into a purchase agreement."

4. In "Importance of Home Inspections/Warranties/Surveys & Title Insurance", at the bottom it includes "I/We understand the importance of home inspections, warranties, surveys & title insurance. Further, I/we agree to hold harmless Greg Garrett Realty and the Real Estate Agent for any adverse conditions regarding the property being purchased of which they have no actual knowledge, but which may later become known."

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