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Buyer Ratified Contract! Now What?

Updated: May 2

This post is a supplement to my email to buyers who have ratified a contract, going through a number of situations that apply to most buyers. My email will have additional information such as inspector options to choose from. Any deadlines below are for typical REIN or VAR contracts, though keep in mind that many items can be struck on contracts so if that was the case, or if a number was input in a location that had a different default number, go by the contract, not the deadlines listed below. Page references and locations are listed below to help you match things up with the contract.

Inspection items to note:

Available inspectors providing reports a low time following inspections is ideal:

If you'll be there, what to bring & how you may want to participate:

Inspector mistakes & my release of liability regarding your inspector choices:

What to expect upon receipt of the home inspection & what to request once you receive the inspection: