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Partnering with Your Agent's Marketing Efforts

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Most sellers I work with don't opt to engage with my marketing efforts. That said, I should mention that the 1 time a seller actually took my advice so far to a high degree, which was in the past month, using the resources I provided and amplifying my own efforts by doing so, it led to the highest volume of engagement I've ever had on social media with a listing (results above). The number one source of buyers in that 1st open house was Facebook due to that exposure & our combined efforts.

Some agents make the claim that open houses don't work, but this listing was sold to a buyer who originally saw the home at an open house in Hayes (Gloucester County) and then saw it later with their agent who is based maybe an hour or 2 (depending on traffic) away in Virginia Beach.

Example Post Insight Details

The above metrics occurred with no advertising fees, just a bit of time from me and from the seller.

Shares are the easy part, and the part that the seller can partner with their agent in.

Resources for Sellers for Facebook Shares

Resources for Sellers for Email Shares

Adam's Social Media Locations You Can Tag

Physical Marketing Assistance to Your Agent in Your Neighborhood

Physical Marketing Assistance to Your Agent to Businesses

RE Website Saves & Shares

Physically Enhancing Marketing at Your Home


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