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Options When Buying & Selling at the Same Time

Updated: May 2

There are numerous ways to go about buying and selling at the same time. Here's a spreadsheet I've made with 7 of those options, 3 of which I recommend giving thoughtful consideration to (in green in the spreadsheet) but all of which are viable under certain circumstances & worth a look.

Options for Sellers:

1. Buy Before You List

2. Sell w/ Seller Possession Agreement or Buyer Possession Agreement

3. Sell, Have Temporary Housing, then Buy

4. Alternatives (i.e. Bridge Loan or Long Time from Offer to Closing)

Order of Best to Worst Regarding Home Sale Contingency from Seller Vantage Point

1. Pending w no contingencies left

2. Under Contract, Contingent, but w/ Pre-Listing Advantages

3. Active w recent written offers & w/ pre-listing advantages

4. Active w verbal offers <24 hrs after hitting the market

5. Listed in past 3 hrs w >3 showing requests

6. Active & listed 1 day ago w plenty of showings and good feedback

7. Not active, but well prepared to be active asap

8. Active & listed 7 days ago w a few showings

9. Unlisted w details & relatively low probability of being overpriced

10. Unlisted w higher than typical probability of being overpriced

11. Active & listed 30 days ago w <2 showings


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