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Options for Sellers Looking to Sell Who Don't Want to List Online

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Home in a waterfront neighborhood I sold that's an example of how a  picture doesn't have to be close up to be good & drawing buyers in to see more

For the vast majority of sellers, the best way to sell their home to achieve maximum value is going to be to list on 1 or more Multiple Listing Services with MLS data populating to many online websites with plenty of professional pictures of the interior & exterior, aerials, & a Matterport Virtual Tour of the interior & exterior. Even if there are negative elements of the vast majority of the interior of the home, it's typically best to put those online rather than buyers coming to the house only to be disappointed.

That said, some home sellers may be so embarrassed about the condition of their property that they do not want it to be viewable online despite the fact that those preferences will typically yield a significantly lower sales price. Selling to a "we buy houses" style purchaser isn't your only option, & you can typically achieve better results by expanding your buyer pool.

Options if Not Wanting to Put Bad Looking Pictures Online But Wanting to Have Your Listing on MLS to Achieve a Better Price than Those not Listed On MLS:

Limit Pictures of the Home (Even if an Aerial Showing Many Homes Including the 1 Being Sold)

Include Heavy Usage of Area Photos

Internet Opt-Out Statement

Undisclosed Address

Excluding Sold Data from the Web

Exterior Matterport Virtual Tours

Options if Not Wanting Your Listing Even on MLS:

Pocket Listings Allowed in Some States, But Not Recommended

Illegitimate Pocket Listings


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