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Next Steps for Buyers After Closing

Updated: Jan 15

In this article, I'll be sharing tips for buyers following closing on real estate.

Initiate Mail Forwarding & More Mail Tips

Sign(s) at the Property

Keeping in Touch with Your Buyer's Agent

If You Don't Have a Home Inspection, Get One

Consider Additional Inspections

If Purchasing New Construction

If You Have a Home Inspection

If You Have a Home Inspection & Requested Repairs of the Seller

Cost Effective Repairs/Improvements

Investors: Seasonally Sensitive Pictures If Thinking About Selling or Renting Out Your Property in the Future

Surveys Within 60 days of Closing If You Plan to Put Up a Fence, Add On, or Want Owner's Title Insurance Coverage to Include Encroachment

Air Quality in Your Home

See my Homeowner Resources Article


See the "Post Closing" section at the bottom of my Buyer's Guide

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