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Most Important Cities/Counties in Hampton Roads for Multiple MLS

Updated: Apr 28

Buyers and sellers can both benefit greatly from access to more than 1 MLS, but that's especially true in areas of high crossover MLS, where only 1 MLS doesn't cover >95% of the residential properties in the area. As a seller, having access to more than one MLS can reap great rewards, with the higher the number of MLS with the greatest amount of market share in your area reaping the greatest rewards. That's especially true in areas of high crossover MLS. Likewise, buyers looking for a property in areas of crossover MLS work best with agents with access to not just the primary MLS of that city/county, but all of the most dominant MLS that make up the listings of that area.

Why it's Important for Sellers

Benefits to Buyers

What Cities/Counties In Hampton Roads Have High Crossover MLS?


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