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Long-Term Financial Preparations for a Home Purchase & How Adam Can Help

Updated: May 21

I regularly am contacted by prospective buyers who are looking to buy but who can't qualify. While some agents may not want to help a buyer get ready to buy, that's typically not the case. Also, some agents are better equipped than others with getting a buyer ready to buy.

Disclosure: I'm Not a CPA or CFP

No Search With Immediate Updates If Not in a Good Position to Buy For Months

No Search With Any Updates if Not in a Good Position to Buy for Years

The Topics that Could be Discussed in an Initial Consultation with Adam for Those not in a Good Position to Buy for Years Who Plan to Use a Mortgage:

Many buyers are unaware of the long-term impact that the below topics can play in getting a mortgage. With all of these topics, they're actually better discussed in childhood than in adulthood, so there's really no reason to wait at all to discuss these if you're already an adult, even if you don't plan to purchase for 5 or 10 years from now.

Financial Accountability Is Proven to Increase Your Success

Debt Reduction


Growing Savings & Investments



Programs to Reduce Home Cost

Saving on Taxes

Appreciation Projections

Interest Rate Projections

When You Want to Buy, Will Purchasing Be Your Best Option?

Getting Professional Help

Getting Non-Profit Help

Getting Help from Adam


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