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Locating Property for Rent

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

In this article I wanted to go over some options for locating properties to rent and some issues to be aware of, especially if they differ than a typical home search.

The Importance of Using Multiple Websites in Locating a Rental & the Problem with Relying Exclusively on an MLS Search

Where to Look

Don't Browse Except in Initial Search: Set Up Optimized Searches with Text Updates

Commercial Property

Issues to be Aware of:

Duplicate Listings

Use a Consolidated Spreadsheet That Identifies at Least 1 Source Where Properties Were Found

Establish a Spreadsheet for Rental Policies by Company &/or Address

Consider Avoiding Using Sq Ft Filter & Non-Required Criteria

Low Picture Volume (Especially When Not Managed by Agents)

Not all MLS Listings Will be Present on Typical Public Websites & There May be Delays

Unavailable Listings

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