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How to Use a Lockbox

Updated: May 5, 2023

The below tutorial will demonstrate how a seller can lock or unlock a contractor lockbox. I won't be getting any more complex than that below. I provide both written/pictorial & video including captions if desired.

[The below assumes that the lock is already correctly attached by an agent (i.e. to a door knob or even better, a wire, since I've seen where lockboxes directly on door knobs rubbed on the paint of the door)...]

1st 2 Steps for Locking or Unlocking Contractor Lockbox Instructions:

1st step for locking or unlocking: If combination #s aren't visible, open the small compartment to expose them by pressing down on the small lever

2nd step for locking or unlocking: Shift the combination numbers to be in line with the code, lining them up with the line on the unit.

Locking Additional Steps:

3rd step: Place the key in

4th Step: Close the lockbox

5th Step: Scramble the combination so that each digit is different.

6th Step: Close the small compartment to hide the combination digits by pressing up on the small lever

Unlocking Additional Steps

3rd Step: Press down on the small lever to the left, moving it visibly down

4th Step: While still pressing down on the lever, pull the face back/towards you (ideally with your other finger elsewhere, such as on the bottom lip)

5th Step: Remove the key if Present

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