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How Can Adam Help Investors?

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

In this article, I'll be going over how I can help investors and the ways that I feel I would be in breach of my duties to my seller clients to help investors in the way that some are looking for. There are a number of ways that I can and do help real estate investors, whether they are looking to buy, sell, or get advice on renting out their properties

What Adam Will Do:

1. I help buyers to buy, including investors.

2. I have information geared towards investors.

3. I help sellers to sell, including investors.

4. I like to receive off-market properties from investors who are wholesaling.

5. I'm available for hire in some specialized marketing for landlords

What Adam Won't Do & More Details for Investors Inquiring of Adam to Try to Purchase His Listings in a Way that Could Hurt His Seller Clients:

Some "Investors" Not a Good Fit for Adam

1. I don't show off-market listings when I am representing the seller even w/ buyers with whom I have an exclusive buyer brokerage relationship.

2. I don't perform dual agency.

3. I won't set up listing alerts exclusively for my own listings (or for other listings) with singular investor clients unless the investor satisfies my minimum requirements for a property feed from me.

4. My listing quality is too good (top 1% in terms of marketing quality based on the price range of the listing) for it to be worth an investor's time to frequently reach out to me about upcoming listings or care much about my personal listings for considered purchase.

5. I won't knowingly violate NAR's Clear Cooperation Policy, which includes the prohibition of email blasts >1 business day prior to posting on MLS.

6. I typically won't list a property without a Tuesday deadline for offers.

7. I currently have a low volume of past fixer uppers sales, but when I have sold them, the marketing is still my typical top 1% per the price range.

8. I try to avoid referrals to specific service providers to those who haven't signed my affiliated business disclosure.


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