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Homes for Sale With No Showings Allowed

Updated: Feb 27

In real estate, you typically are able to access homes that are listed for sale. That's not always the case, however.

There are 4 types of homes where a buyer wouldn't be able to perform a showing prior to an offer on a regular basis:

Buyer Unavailable Before Offer Deadline

Buyer Unavailable Within Narrow Timeframe

Agent Unavailable for Showing

Showings Only After Contract Ratification

Showings Only After Closing

What to do when a home won't allow showings or when a showing is unfeasible:

The answer to this question depends highly on the scenario (i.e. 1-4 above) and the buyer.

Determine if there's any option for showing.

Determine your risk tolerance.

Can you get an appraisal?

Further assessments

Perform heavy online research

Use a buyer's agent with gadgets for imagery, especially a drone.

Know the state law on right of rescission period.

Where do you find homes that don't allow showings?


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