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Google Sheets Basics

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

I often use Google Sheets. Here are some basic things to know in case you're unfamiliar.

Basics to Note:

Use a Laptop or a Desktop Preferably

Edit Within Google Sheets

Editing Navigation on a Desktop or Laptop:

Incoming Editing Privileges for You

Granting Outgoing Viewing & Editing Privileges for Others

Real-Time Updates

Efficiency Boosting Navigation Tips

Setting Up Notifications on a Shared Spreadsheet

How to Select Rows & Columns

Adding a Horizontal Row

Adding >1 Horizontal Row at Once

Adding a Vertical Column

Adding >1 Vertical Column at Once

Re-Ordering Columns/Rows Manually

Common Google Sheets Adam Sends to His Clients:

Why Seller Surveys?

Why Questions for Offers (For Buyers)?

Many images courtesy Google Sheets.


Buyer Related:

Seller Related:

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