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Free Financial Maximizing for Clients

1. Background

I am getting credited to my account over $2,900 in value in points from a single card with $15,000 in spending in the year of this writing and am getting over $5,000 in value in points in combined spending from other cards credited to my accounts.


2. About

3. Pricing options for those who are not real estate clients


3. Pricing (1 hr free for real estate clients) Commission Based or Flat Rate

Commission Based: (only available for those spending $10,000 or more on credit cards per year)

⅓ of the increase in credit card rewards from the year prior to speaking with me about credit cards. 


If you spent $20,000 on a 2% cashback card with no annual fee or signup bonus in the year prior to speaking to me, you would get $400. If after speaking to me you only got $900 in the next year, yould would pay me (900-400)*.333=$166.50. You would be getting the rest, so an 83% increase over the prior year. 


Standard Rate: $100 for up to 1 hr & $100/hr for subsequent hours.

50% discount for nonprofits


If I cannot advise over $500 more through credit cards in the year following meeting with me then you received in the previous year than you get my services free for 1 hr. (excluding signup bonuses from the previous year)

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