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Does the Day of the Month Matter for Closing? Not Much Typically w/ Decent Savings, Maybe if Living Paycheck to Paycheck or Getting Assistance

Updated: Apr 12

It's not uncommon for buyers and sellers, especially those with mortgages, to want to avoid closing at the beginning of the month, but does it really matter? For those with a mortgage, it impacts the timing of your first mortgage payment. Put simply, it matters for up to 2 months if your budget is tight & purchasing with a mortgage, but not nearly as much if you have a healthy savings account excepting certain down payment/closing cost assistance scenarios.

If Buying with a Mortgage

If Buying with Downpayment/Closing Cost Assistance

If Selling with a Mortgage

Buying & Selling Whether You Have a Mortgage or Not

What to Do if You Want to Compare the Details of Closing Timing


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