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Digital Options When Buying or Selling

Updated: Feb 11

The digital options today with video, documents, & education in the home buying & selling process are extensive. Whether viewing a property or looking at forms together, there are plenty of options. I have helped buyers and sellers in other states successfully buy and sell properties. In addition to a visual image of a home, I also assist digitally with your home search and with paperwork, which can almost always be done entirely online (the few cases where it can't is when wet signatures are required and similar situations with certain sellers).

How Can Video be Used in Buying?

How Can Video be Used in Selling?

Options for Video

Tutorials on How to Use Authentisign & Adobe PDF Reader to Digitally Sign Documents

Examples of Digital Assistance for Buyers

Examples of Digital Assistance for Sellers

What About Clients Who Prefer to Avoid Digital Options?


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