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Crime When Searching for a Home

Updated: Jan 17

Crime is a tricky element in real estate, enough for Trulia & to do away with their crime maps due to concerns about fair housing. I feel that all buyers should have the ability to check for crime, and want to provide some of the best sources I've found in the absence of what used to be the best source online, the Trulia crime map.

Disclosure: Keep in mind that I am not an attorney and that an attorney is best consulted for opinions on the law.

The Problem with Asking "I Want to Only Consider Neighborhoods with Low Crime In My Search"

Compensating Positive Factors

Adverse Factors

Best Sources of Spotting Crime I've Found: is a solid resource with a color-coded map of areas based on crime. is a Solid Option for Color Coded Crime Maps is another solid resource, where you can see actual crimes and when they occurred relative to properties in most cities & counties.

Would you want to know if a sex offender lived next door?

Where to go for City/County/Area Crime Statistics:

BestPlaces.Net For Easy Comparison of Crime in City/County v Larger Area & State


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