Client Reviews (more found on Zillow ,  (The main Hampton Roads MLS does not show past sales on, LinkedIn, & Facebook)

My lowest average review on any website is 4.8/5. 





My Values & Some Quotes from Reviews that Demonstrate those Values

I value availability & work around my clients' time frames (1). I also value a strong work ethic (2), and saving my clients as much time and money as possible (3), whether buying or selling. I seek to get sellers a premium on their home while finding great buys for buyers. I will fight for my clients' best interests (4). I believe that an informed buyer or seller makes the best decisions, and am dedicated to that end, as a brief review of my website as well as my reviews should demonstrate (5). As a former youth minister of over 4 years, ethics, including but not limited to integrity, are very important to me (6). As someone with the lowest average rating by clients on any real estate website being a 4.8/5, that scored in the top two percentile in math on the SAT's, and attended "The Harvard of Christian Schools" (Wheaton College) with a small academic scholarship, excellence is a top priority for me (7).


Rather than taking my word for it, see my reviews & recommendations that demonstrate each value:

1. Staying Availabile:

"Very responsive to phone calls, texts, emails, etc.!" Colleen - Linkedin

"Adam was professional, quick to respond to any question we had no matter what time of day or night, on time for every appointment and ready to answer any questions." Christopher - Zillow

"I remember exchanging phone calls with him at 1130 PM eastern time to finalize an offer." Aaron - Zillow

"He was quick to respond to any questions or issues I had." Alexus - Zillow

"He was quick to respond to our questions and when he didn't know the answer he found the answer and responded back to us within minutes." Carlos - Facebook review

2. Working Hard:

"He worked hard for (us) doing walk through tours and answering (our) questions as-well as our families." Aaron - Zillow

"strong work ethic" - Paul - Zillow

"He worked very hard to get my little family into our new home." Alexus - Zillow

"Adam worked hard for us even while we were out of state. Still providing information and walkthroughs via Skype." - Aaron - Facebook recommendation

"Adam worked hard and was willing to go to great lengths to show us homes thru live or recorded video while we were in Washington state." Carlos - Facebook review

3. Saving Clients Money:

"I am fortunate to know some really amazing realtors, but Adam Garrett really takes the cake. I cannot thank him enough for his patience, diligence, and high level of ethics during this process. He got me an AMAZING deal!" Colleen - 07/07/17 Facebook post

4. Keeping Clients' Interests First:

"Great agent to have on your side." Aaron - Zillow

"selfless..." Paul - Zillow

"Very tentative of my needs." Jonnie - Zillow

"Adam Garrett is an awesome guy who genuinely cares about the people he helps and will always do the right thing... If you're working with Adam you can definitely be confident you're working with a great realtor who will put your interests first!" Micah - Facebook review

5. Client Educator:

"There was very little I had to research on my own that he didn’t just provide through his own hard work and patience." Connor - Facebook review

"He... was always sure to provide me with all of my options before I had to make a decision." Colleen - Linkedin

"He was tireless in his quest to find us a quality home; researching many listings, sending us video walk throughs and providing actionable expert opinions on the suitability of the  numerous possible houses." Paul - Zillow

6. High Ethical Standards including Integrity:

"He always operates with highest level of ethics." Colleen - Linkedin

"His strong work ethic, integrity, and selflessness saved us so much hassle allowing us to take possession and move in on the day we arrived." Paul - Zillow

7. Excellence:

"ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!... 10/10, would recommend" Connor - Facebook review

"I couldn't have asked for a better realtor. He went above and beyond what was expected." Jonnie - Zillow

"Adam is a remarkable buyers agent... We are so thankful to have met Adam." Paul - Zillow

"He definitely went above and beyond what was expected." Alexus - Zillow

"It was great working with you, my realtor for life!" Luciano - Facebook comment on my 01/27/17 post


Carlos & Darlene Rivera - 1st time VA buyers

Adam worked hard and was willing to go to great lengths to show us homes thru live or recorded video while we were in Washington state. He was quick to respond to our questions and when he didn't know the answer he found the answer and responded back to us within minutes.


John & Patty Hand - retiring couple purchasing their last home

We were satisfied with everything that you did for us and thankful to have you. When things were working, you gave credit to the Lord.

(What did you like best about my service?) - Your patience and going out of the way to help us.


Luciano Fernandes - Investor

Thank you Adam Garrett ! For all your help and availability to answer all my questions, it made the process much easier. Having the right Real state agent to guide you through the process can make all the difference. ... It has been great working with you.

Emily & Jesse Hulse - 1st time VA buyers

Honestly, while I may be a first time home buyer I really feel I had someone reliable and trustworthy on my side.
I never felt incompitent although my knowledge and experiance was low to none. I never felt unnecessary stress as I knew I had a great source of knowledge availble to me by the name of Adam Garrett.
I had an amazing realtor, teacher, advocate and guide through the whole process and never felt alone.