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Capitalize On Your Commute

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

If you find yourself getting into tickets or accidents due to distraction, or if you just want to reduce the possibility of the 2 while boosting your effective use of time while driving, I have some advice. Keep in mind that I am not an attorney and that you should check the law, especially state law, prior to doing some of the below as laws vary at the moment and over time:

Know yourself.

Pulling over is an option.

Know the law

Have a physical & digital system setup in advance,

Use voice-activated instructions.

Use steering wheel controls.

Advanced Accident Prevention Controls of Vehicles

Use hard wire connections to your phone when driving.

Consider upgrading your car.

Use built in Bluetooth audio or acquire 3rd party products.

For >1 hr commute, consider text auto-replies.

Consider options for pre-programmed changes to voicemail.

Have planned audiobooks, music, podcasts, voice activated calls, & otherwise.

Use a watch connected to your phone & turn off alarms prior to hitting the road.


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