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Buying a House with Crypto-Currency

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

I've worked with clients before that have made a lot in crypto, but sadly most of the encounters that I have had where someone supposedly made a lot of crypto & wanted to purchase property using me as their agent was when they were not a legitimate buyer. Those who are sellers may have also been targeted by crypto scams of various kinds before, and so there is a lot of reason not to mention crypto at all if you are a legitimate buyer until much later on in the conversation unless your buyer's agent asks you a question that would bring it up after you have already demonstrated through various means that you are a legitimate buyer.

What illegitimate buyers (catfish buyers) stating that they are using crypto & agents being targeted by buyers supposedly using crypto should know

How to demonstrate to agents that you are a legitimate buyer using cryptocurrency

More of what legitimate buyers should know about cryptocurrency property purchases

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