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Buyer Preparing For Closing

Updated: May 1

Above: Image by Adam of a buyer before closing - used with permission

In this article, I'd like to share some of the important preparations to make & expectations to have prior to closing.

Before Closing:

Get Secured Funds Ready in Advance

Schedule Final Walk Through Inspection

Schedule Closing with Adam & Your Closer

Prior to Closing Day Schedule Utilities to be Turned On in Your Name for Closing Day

Have Your Homeowners Insurance Ready

Check Your Closing Disclosure & Forward to Your Agent

If Getting Warranties, Have Them in Effect on Day of Closing

Schedule Movers

Stay in Touch with Your Closer & Lender


Unique Scenarios Before Closing:



Option to Move in Before Closing & Living There (Typically for $)

Option for Seller to Stay at Property

Option to Move Items in Before Closing Without Living There (Typically for $)

Day of Closing:


Moving In (Typically Not Recommended on Day of Closing)

Delays on the Day of Closing are Common

Time Needed


Identification Needed

Your Agent on Closing Day

Children, Friends, & Family at Closing

After Closing:

If You Didn't Get a Home Inspection


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