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Budgeting Meeting with Adam

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

One of the ways that I assist buyers and sellers, especially buyers, is by providing guidance to boost their budgeting power, especially prior to a house purchase. Below I wanted to provide some guidance on best practices before a meeting. Also keep in mind that I am a licensed real estate agent, not a certified public accountant, attorney, or certified financial planner & any insights I have are best discussed with your CPA, financial planner, or attorney when relevant to their respective field of specialty.

Review Helpful Resources from My Website 1st

Meeting Format

Budgeting Spreadsheet

Instructions on Copying & Sharing A Google Doc

Where to Sign Up For Free Accounts for Budgeting

Debit Cards, Not Credit Cards for Your Expenses

Separate Designated Accounts for Major Fixed Expenses w/ No Monthly Fees or Transfer Fees Incurred


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