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Basic Elements of Preparing Your Home Before a Listing Appointment

Updated: May 14

Before you list your home, & even before your initial listing appointment, it's a good idea to at least get a start on the exterior of your home preparations. With anything in doubt, be sure to ask your listing agent, whether in advance of the listing appointment or at the appointment.

waterfront home ready to be listed for sale

Image courtesy American Real Estate Media at a former listing of mine

This advanced preparation is especially true if aerials or other exterior photos are being done at the 1st appointment & the seasons are changing for the worse in terms of your property's aesthetic appearance. In some cases this concept is true even if your property is changing for the better by season in more rare cases, i.e. being able to see waterfront more clearly when there are no leaves in trees in between your home and a body of water and it's Winter now while you plan to list in the Spring.

Keep in mind the factor of time regarding any preparations for your home. If you only have time to take care of exterior items before a listing appointment, and the season is changing for the worse, focus on exterior items first if your agent will be taking aerials or otherwise arranging aerials, even if it means that your interior will have plenty of to dos at the time of the listing appointment that you're already aware of.

Preparing your list

DIY or Contractor/Cleaner?

Selecting Contractor(s)/Cleaners

Inspecting Work

Selling As Is

Ask Your Agent

Checking Your Work Right Before Important Times Starting with Your 1st Listing Appointment

Consider Storage Space

Preparing Your Exterior

Preparing Your Interior

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