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Adam Garrett's Coverage Map

Updated: Feb 1

My coverage map is more expansive for sellers than for buyers.

Below you'll find my coverage map for buyers, arranged by price of home, with some exceptions that I'll get into (i.e. $50k lower thresholds from October-February).

Below you'll find my coverage map for Sellers, arranged by price of home, with some exceptions that I'll get into.

The orange items above in 5 locations are the base of operations for the 5 MLS I pay for access to on an ongoing basis. Most agents only have access to 1 or 2, and it's critical that agents have access to & will use the primary MLS of a property's area if you are a listing a property with the agent or if you are relying on a buyer's agent for a feed of potential properties. When listing a home, the more MLS you are on, the better your coverage will be and the greater the number of agents and buyers you will reach.

The white spaces above are areas where I typically don't have optimal MLS coverage.

The MLS coverage map above is based on homes:

A. With a minimum 2% commission for those buyers I represent

B. With a 3% commission for the listing firm, with whatever desired amount for the buying firm in addition to that, but I recommend another 3%.

Cities/Counties Served

Zipcodes served

Towns Served

Exceptions to the above:

Land & Commercial Commissions

Buyer/Seller Paying Out of Pocket for Gap Coverage

Options for Referral from Me as an Alternative to Higher Commissions

Non-Profits Making a Difference in Topics I'm Passionate About

If a Buyer is Looking in Multiple Zones

Buyers Seeking Less than 10 Hours of Showings Including Travel Time

Adam Having a Low or High Workload ($50k Lower Price from October-February)


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